Breathing Some Life Back into this Blog

February 8, 2024

One of my personal objectives for this year is to write some more posts for this blog. That was also an objective for last year but instead of writing content I went down a bit of a rabbit hole exploring different static site generators. I’ve been using hugo for a few years now and, while it gets the job done, it has a lot of features I don’t use but that add complexity. I ported the content to the Clojure-based site generator Cryogen (which just meant changing the metadata format and stripping out the Hugo short-codes) but I ran into some issues with their Markdown parser so that version never got published. Then I became enamoured by the simplicity of Haunt which is implemented in Guile Scheme and whose source code is very approachable. Their markdown processor also lacks support for some features I’ve used in the older content, so that project never got off the ground either.

So for now I’ll stick with Hugo and (try to) focus on content. The plan is to blog at least once a week about things I’ve been working on or that I stumbled across and found interesting. If you want to be notified of new posts, you can follow me on Mastodon or you can subscribe to one of the RSS feeds on this site: