This is the personal website of Ray Miller, a programmer and one-time mathematician living in Alnwick, UK.

I’ve worked as a Principal DevOps Engineer at the fashion tech start-up Metail since 2013 but as of January 2024 I’m also working a couple of days a week for a sister company, Size Stream.

My languages of choice are Clojure and Go, and that’s what I’ll most likely write about here.

I also have a (somewhat neglected) food blog. When I’m not at the keyboard or in the kitchen, you might find me out and about with my border collie Obie or cycling in the local area (sans dog).

Why 1729?

This is the Hardy-Ramanujan taxicab number, the smallest number that can be written as a sum of two positive cubes in two distinct ways. It has a few other interesting properties.